Cinematic and Interactive Audio Integration

Around our 5.1 mixing stage with a volume of 130 m3, VR SOUND CREATIVE offers all audio post-production services for your film or sound installation.

Sound editing / Mixing / ADR

We have the best equipment to guarantee you the best quality of your soundtrack:

5.1 Mixing stage (130 m³ – 42

ProTools Ultimate, Dynaudio Air6 monitoring, Dcommand 24 faders console, Altiberb 7, Ambiverb HD, iZotope RX7 advanced, Flux plugins, commercial and private sound library over 800 GB, Source Connect link…

Stéréo Studio
ProTools Ultimate, Focal monitoring, ProControl 24

faders console, Altiberb 7, iZotope RX7 advanced, Flux plugins, commercial and private sound library over 400 GB, Source Connect link…

We are also equipped with a 4m² speak booth for recording voices and comments, around our studio and cinema microphones (Neumann U87 and KM series, DPA, Sennheiser, Schoeps …) with UA and Sonosax preamps.



creation of Alvaro Martinez Leon for the program Création Mondiale of France Musique.

VR SOUND CREATIVE get the pleasure to record and mix natural ambiences in spatial audio, under the direction of Alvaro Martinez Leon, before the final mix with added voices made at France Musique.

You can hear it in stereo or binaural here :


This series retraces the daily life of the Bioparc de Doué-la-Fontaine team and the creation of a new space: Le Cratère des carnivores. Imagined by its director François Gay, this spectacular 2 hectare space will welcome in 2020 the emblematic fauna of Africa: lions, cheetahs, meerkats and otocyons.

6×52 ‘documentary series
Directed by Julien Blin and Benoît Maximos
Produced by Alexandre Soullier and Nicolas Cennac – Bonne Pioche
Co-produced by RMC Découverte and the Bioparc de Doué-la-Fontaine

VR SOUND CREATIVE provided commentary mixing and recording for the entire series.


CHILDREN DON’T PLAY WAR is a cinematic Virtual Reality tale of the war in Uganda told through the eyes of a young girl.

Blending the oral tradition of local narratives with contemporary virtual reality storytelling, merging fictional and non-fictional elements, CHILDREN DON’T PLAY WAR chronicles the memories, dreams and daily lives of children back from war and how they rediscover their childhood.

VR SOUND CREATIVE provided all the audio for the film (Ambisonics and traditional sound recording during filming, recording of narrator voices and post-production in immersive sound), allowing broadcasting in immersive Ambisonics sound.

Director: Fabiano Mixo
Duration: 8 ‘- format: stereoscopic 360 / 4K video – audio format: Ambisonics 3rd order

Produced by VILD STUDIO , supported by OCULUS / VR FOR GOOD